"Who Else Wants to Learn to Use Their Passap Knitting Machine, easily and quickly, and really enjoy machine knitting?"

And Then Use It To knit for yourself, make gifts, and even sell things if you want to...
Without the common frustrations!

From: Marjorie J McDonald
Date: Wednesday 8:30 am

Why is it important? So many people struggle with learning to use this machine. Understanding the explanations given in the manuals often are confusing , I even felt it myself, and there was no solution so I created it for you!

Many of the books are outdated -- many yarns are no longer available, and with the internet, patterns from other countries do not show how to change the instructions for other countries measurement systems!

And Then It Hit Me!

If the directions could have a video explaining the written directions from an "over the shoulder point of view", it would help people learn how to enjoy this knitting machine more.

Passap University

Classes and classes on video about using the Passap Knitting Machine

Delivered online, the videos, explaining how to do Passap knit projects and the steps covered in the Passap Success Fashion Knitwear Magazine that you can purchase each month if you would like additional help.


"Amazing Extra Help"

I think that you do a great job.  You make everything so clear and write beautifully.  So thank you for some great words of wisdom. The videos are just the amazing extra help I needed to succeed.


"Loved Looking Over Your Shoulder"

Thank you for the extra hands on in depth explanation on the video. It made the written directions so clear.


If you're ready to stop doing knitting in a way that isn't working...

If you're ready to knit beautiful items...

And if you're ready to dust off your knitting machine, then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need to search for or purchase outdated books...
You won't need to struggle trying to understand directions...

When you subscribe to the Passap Success Fashion Knitwear magazine...

You will have a choice to purchase the pay per view video,
showing the steps for the project covered in the magazine


Your Price:
Just $8.99/month


Priority Passap Success Fashion Knitwear magazine
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YES! I want this help to learn my Passap Knitting Machine.

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  • I can choose to purchase the pay per view video for additional instruction if I would like the extra help.
  • I can find the offer for the extra pay per view video in the magazine each month.





If you would prefer to buy individual issues rather than subscribe, you can do that at http://passape6.com

Rectangle Success
Many of my best selling designs are based on rectangles. In 30 days you will have 30 ideas to knit designs that you can sell, wear or give away and have fun learning your machine better at the same time.
Want to join me on a rectangle adventure? click on the Pay with PayPal button below and let's get started!


Individual patterns can be found at http://passape6000.com

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